Our story

Who hasn't grown up with the Arcade Halls full of video games! The wonder of machines where action and music came together. Then in the 1980s the development of affordable home computers such as the MSX, Commodore, Nintendo etc. on which you could play video games for hours.

Our roots of music are in the 80s and 90s, the chiptune music. Music created by a chip and pieces of music (songs) programmed by musicians/programmers.

We are bringing the video game music back to life on stage!

Band members

Arno van Heerde

Rythmn - and solo guitar

Joost Bolleman


John Hassink


Niels Zeven

Bass guitar

Jorrith Schaap

Composer / Arranger

Bart Roijmans

Composer/Sound Designer


Moudy de Jong

(Pop) Photographer / Video

Roland van der Kruk


Julian van Aalderen

Animation Professional/Designer/Visuals

MSX goto40 concert!

Zaterdag 9 december 2023
13:00 uur